How We Help

How We Help


Prescription without diagnosis IS malpractice. When you are uncertain of the cause(s) of your issues or you just need an independent, objective expert opinion, our non-invasive SNAPSHOT is efficient, effective and satisfaction guaranteed. One or two days on-site collecting data and interviews results in a photo-filled report delivered in a private consultation with prioritized recommendations and return-on-investment projections.

Planning & Performance Systems

The next level of success requires the next level of discipline. An executive coach partners with CEOs and senior management to describe their vision, then build their plan and finally cascade it throughout the organization – anywhere on the globe. Internet access provides multi-location monitoring, real time feedback and objective performance management. See positive changes in critical thinking, communication, systems, leadership and goal achievement in just 60 days.

Certified facilitators ask the “hard questions” that help your team identify and assess issues, brainstorm new ideas, build consensus and solve complex problems. Meetings are more focused, productive and efficient when independently facilitated. Ask about ½ day, full day and 2-day sessions. Ideal for increasing engagement, collecting public input, team-building, board development, crisis management, planning retreats and more.
Executive Coaching
We can help you improve processes, systems, people and overall organizational performance working one-on-one to raise the bar and bring out the best in every client. Let us collaborate with you and your executives to custom-design 3, 6 or 12-month programs that help identify and address the behavioral changes necessary to achieve objectives. Use us an independent observer, sounding board, mentor and advisor to provide recommendations for positive change and achieve new results.
Lux Mystery Shop
Our luxury mystery shop program is designed for premium hospitality resorts, spas, restaurants, and retailers. Regular shops by trained executives provide management with objective, expert feedback on the customer experience. Tailored survey questions, detailed data, and confidentiality provide management with unique insight to becoming their customer’s first choice.
Marketing Resources

Outsource your marketing, design, social media, research, events and more to a full service team of experienced graphic designers, website builders and experts featuring our award-winning Constant Contact Certified Solution Providers. Help your organization focus on the core competency while we build brand, increase sales, help retention, drive referrals, and create raving fans.

Executive Workshops
When you need rapid change, informative ½ day and full-day workshops can quickly, effectively and affordably introduce new concepts and provide the inspiration necessary for a group. Our programs include exercises and role-playing designed for executives seeking to improve their skills in management, customer service, communication, planning, leadership and more. Enjoy talent development and organizational change in less than 90 days when supported by our executive coaching program and free monthly newsletter.

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