Mission And Vision

Mission And Vision

After 20 years of consulting and training thousands of CEOs and executives in small business, non-profits, and start-ups, Michael Loschke created ARISTA Advisors. ARISTA (a Greek word for excellence) helps busy CEOs and executives in high growth potential companies crush the noise and prepare for greatness.

Working with an ARISTA Advisor is a collaborative partnership between consultant and client. Our process is just three Latin words LUX – VERITAS – VIRTUS. Reveal the obstacles and issues (LUX); Face truth and reality (VERITAS); Develop the positive talents and work plans (VIRTUS).

If all business problems are really people problems, then regular coaching to modify behaviors is key. Helping the next generation of leaders learn to think like CEOs has never been more challenging or more essential.  Our programs help reduce distractions, improve critical thinking, and increase accountability with simple, easy-to-use tools. Coaching areas include skills development in planning, strategy, critical-thinking, process improvement, communication, leadership and more.

With a severe shortage of “right-fit” employees, investing in the development of senior executives not only makes sense, it creates a competitive advantage! Our vision – Create leadership excellence and executive performance improvement through education, coaching and facilitation services.


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Both our Diagnostic SnapShot® and CloudBurst Facilitations® are 100% guaranteed. No risk.

Our Experience

Our consultants all come from management backgrounds. Not only do our consultants understand the technical aspects of professional consulting, they bring years of executive management, business and people skills to our clients.

Our Customer Service

We provide personalized service. Each client is assigned an experienced consultant, who is never more than a phone call or email away. Our policy is that all customer calls are returned the same day, emails within 1 business day and all written correspondence within 1 week.

Our Methods

We partner with our clients. We will work with you to custom develop a system(s) that fits your organization, that can be sustained using existing resources and that will grow along with your operation. We will also help your employees to develop the knowledge and skills necessary through our training programs to maintain the system going forward.

Education & Ethics

Regular and frequent professional education. Our consultants all abide by the Institute of Management Consultants USA Code of Ethics, attend workshops in both the what and how of consulting, and hold unique certifications in adult education, facilitation, and organizational development to help you succeed.


We use the latest technology. Through our online assessments, we are capable of conducting evaluations of over 26 different traits, skills, and interests. Our For Leaders Only webinar series offers convenient learning opportunities while reducing on-site consulting time and travel-related

Our Pricing

Our projects are value-based. Our fee is agreed to in advance to avoid inflated hourly charges, surprises and/or budget overruns. This means we focus on achieving measurable outcomes and their values. Our success comes from your achievement.

Our Track Record

Our client recommendations speak for themselves. We make every effort to ensure that our service exceeds our client’s expectations and our ever growing list of client testimonials shows our commitment to service excellence.

Our Pro Bono Work
We believe in giving back to the community with our unique talents and skills. Over $300K has been donated through pro bono work and the Edwin Toolis Memorial Award. Click here for more information. (https://arista-advisors.com/50k-toolis-award/)

About Michael

Michael Loschke intro....

In the early Pandemic, Michael launched free online community programs to keep professional people informed, connected and positive. The first was called “Learning to Lead Post-Covid” featuring noteworthy CEOs and their leadership style.  The second was “Road to Recovery” spotlighting health, psychology and human resource experts.

He also created and taught online business, marketing and leadership classes for California State University Fresno blending a talk radio show format with PowerPoint, survey tools, lively discussions and sponsorship.

In 1994 he founded an integrated marketing company that grew to generate over $80MM in revenue for his clients. He is a former member of the prestigious Institute of Management Consultants in Washington DC and certified by the Institute of Cultural Affairs in Strategic Planning and Large Group Facilitation.

After 20 years of advising CEOs, Michael re-discovered One Page Performance Systems. This fast, easy to use cloud-based technology helps his clients develop executive leadership skills, achieve goals and most importantly – develop the next generation of leaders while scaling operations from anywhere in the world. His clients have included pastors, politicians, athletes, CEOs, nonprofit execs, and start-ups in over 50 industries

He holds popular workshops and keynote speeches on leadership, planning, strategy, team building and digital marketing. LinkedIn references say his speaking style “informs, educates, entertains and inspires.” Follow him on social media and sign-up for his free monthly newsletter and fun new video blog. Michael is a proud father, foodie, kayaker and avid beach volleyball player. He currently lives in San Antonio with Miles Davis, his shih-tzu and paddle board partner.

The Future of Planning & Performance Management

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The Future of Planning & Performance Management